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Earthworks Flexwand Microphone

NOW SHIPPING! The new Earthworks FlexWand is a new variation of the famous Earthworks SR30 Small Cardioid.

A microphone, boom, and stand as a single unit for choir or musical instruments in live sound and recording applications

Earthworks Microphones

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Earthworks was formed by David Blackmer, the brilliant inventor and founder of dbx, where he invented new technologies in VCAs and true RMS detectors for companders and compressors. At Earthworks his passion focused on inventing new technologies for microphones, preamplifiers and monitor speakers. These new advanced, patented technologies provide Earthworks with the ability to manufacture the "next generation" of professional audio products that will significantly outperform any other quality professional audio equipment on the market.

Those who use Earthworks microphones, amplifiers and monitor speakers refer to them as "stunning," "most impressive" and "life changing." This is because Earthworks advanced technologies provide a dramatic increase in audible quality. Reviews of Earthworks products in the press have been superlative. We are much more excited by the excellent results people achieve when using our equipment.

Earthworks is a New Hampshire, U.S.A. based company that is dedicated to quality and sonic excellence. Each Earthworks product is made with great care, meticulous attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality. We pride ourselves in making only the very best in professional audio equipment and it is all made right here in the U.S.A.

We view our products as creative tools and understand the importance of reliability in the field. Earthworks provides a two year warranty on parts and labor, unless the unit is damaged by abuse or modification.